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Email Templates

Templates – Email – Value Proposition Call Wrap-up

From: eBen ePN SAM


To: The Benefit Vendor Decision Maker (Marketing Manager and above).

CC: eBen ePN Team -


Trigger (When?)

  • Right after the ePN VP meeting.

  • SAM wants to position ePN-Plus.



  • This email should be sent to a corporate email address, not the personal email address of the DM (example:, or emails)

  • Send to DM with validated information on the CRM only.

  • The DM information should be recorded on your CRM territory.


eBen ePN SAM



Dear [Benefit Vendor First Name],


It was a real pleasure meeting you today. Looking forward to a fruitful collaboration.


We value the synergy of including [Benefit Vendor Company Name] in our ever-growing list of benefit vendors. In this regard, we are delighted to invite [Benefit Vendor Company Name] to join the eBen Partner Network (ePN) to promote your services to our corporate clients, their high-end employees, and their families.


As discussed, I see that the ePN-Plus (pay-as-you-go) Subscription Plan would be the best fit for your needs and will definitely serve your listing objectives as a Benefit Vendor.


Please, find the proposed plan's detailed charges listed below:


  • AED [ePN-Setup Fee as per category] - Total initial investment per benefit listing. This covers

    • Setup of 1 brand.

    • Setup of 1 Benefit (product/service) Listing.

    • An initial balance of 10 complimentary and guaranteed Benefit Claims.

  • AED 100 - per Benefit Claim. At any point, you can top-up an additional balance of Benefit Claims to your account. Bulk purchase discounts can be furnished upon request.

For more information on eBen and the ePN-Plus Plan Details and Subscription Terms and Conditions, please visit

To subscribe, just please, reply to this email or visit to generate an agreement and invoice that you can clear via a direct bank transfer to our Bank account.

Please, feel free to reach out if you need any support to help you make an informed decision.



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