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Co-Sellers Network

Let us Co-sell Employee Engagement Solutions all over the world.


Our innovative solutions are available to aid consumers in caring about their workforce no matter their company size or their location and our commitment to who joins hands with us is to keep supporting them to do so. The eBen Co-Seller Program is designed to include you in our mission with the help of a broad range of value-added and managed services. Join our extended family by becoming a significant part of our channel ecosystem to extend your contributions to our initiative.

Once you join, let us do the heavy lifting for you to enable you and your customer-facing team on the ground reach the relevant audience in your territory, leverage our technical and business resource pool with complete control and governance. Our Co-Sellers ecosystem include vigorous business partners who deliver our promise to a wider range of customer-base of companies who wish to enhance their Employee Experience and maintain Employee Engagement Assets that harness their Employer Branding. 

Join The Winning Co-Sellers who trust us...


Why Become a Co-Seller?


Attractive Incentives and Discounts
We continuously motivate and encourage your organization’s growth with scheduled programs and discount promotions that grow as you grow with us. 

Agile Go-to-Market Model
Throughout this business relationship, we help you prepare, launch and grow with or without our brand as we have no objective to compete with the channel.

Multiple Revenue Options
Being a Co-Seller gives us the flexibility to give you higher control over deals and the revenue routes towards your team’s      success.


Choose how to Co-Sell eBen Products and Services


Vendor Acquisition

Employee Benefit Providers

Our White-Labeled Solution Employee Benefit Centre eBC offers our consumers thousands of exclusively discounted products and services offered to the employee as an employee benefit. Vendors (or as we like to call them, partners) list their products and services to increase their brand awareness and generate revenue from an exclusive differentiating channel to stand out against their competitors. We welcome vendors from all over the world to provide a holistic service to our consumers.


With our one-of-a-kind engagement model, we help vendors reach an always-increasing consumer spectrum without charging them any sales commissions or per-interaction fees. We welcome both B2B and B2C brands and we promote their brands in a unique operational process that embraces their order-to-cash sales process. 

Vendor Acquisition Co-Sellers position our services to potential vendors to help them list their products and services as an Employee Benefit on the eBC. They play a key role in diversifying the eBC value proposition to consumers and provide us with regional reach and geographical coverage.  


Customer Acquisition


Our unique and innovative Product Mix is offered as a white-labeled managed-SaaS solution. They help employers scale the care for their employees, their welfare, boost Employee Experience and lead to enhancing Employee Engagement. The main differentiator of our solutions is that all of them can be offered as a stand-alone solution or coupled with other enterprise technology solutions as a value-added service. 

We deliver end-to-end solutions to our customers including standard customer onboarding, administrator enablement, instance parametrization, integration, technical and functional support as well as customer success. 

Customer Acquisition Co-Sellers position our products and services to potential employers who wish to extend our services to their workforce. Our solutions can suit any industry and can be integrated with most common HRMS solutions. 


Become a Co-Seller

- 3 Easy Steps  



Register your interest here and provide the following information:

  • Contact Name

  • Contact email address

  • Company Name (if applicable)

  • The Geographical Territory you can cover

  • Mention your interest to join as a Vendor Acquisition or Customer Acquisition Co-Seller. 

  • And, any more information you might find useful about you and/or your company. 



Our internal team will reach out to you and discuss the collaboration process in detail.


Upon mutual review and final agreement, our team will engage with your teams to build a go-to-market plan, licensing, and define  compensation options to Co-Sell our products and services.



After completing our free of charge Co-Seller Onboarding Program successfully, you will:

  • have access to all the Co-Seller Information Hub. 

  • Access our live demo instances.

  • Utilize our CRM tool (if needed).

  • Schedule technical, sales, and marketing on-demand training sessions.

  • Co-produce selling collateral

  • Engage eBen presales team as and when needed. 

We Welcome



Companies with sound market reach and successful history of positioning technology solutions to corporates and organizations of various industries in their geographies. Typically, we welcome system integrators, consulting firms, vendor aggregators, and technology providers. 



Join an ecosystem of subject matter experts. We typically welcome individuals with a strong presence in the Human Resources development domain, work-tech Industry Influencers, Free Lancing Business Consultants, and high-ticket items network builders. 

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