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Become a Benefits Vendor and reach a market of employed people looking for your brand. List your Brand/Product as an Employee Benefit. 




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Our beneficiaries are your NEXT CUSTOMERS


Convert More Customers

Join thousands of corporates engaging their people and boosting their employee experience every day.


Boost Brand Exposure

With ePN your brand exposure to our current and future beneficiaries is guaranteed. 


Engage Real Customers

By branding your products as an employee benefit, it reaches real beneficiaries employed with our Benefit Providers. 


Employer Endorsement

After listing as a Benefit Vendor, Benefit Providers (employers) position your brand as a benefit to their People (employees) as one of the best in the market . 


Proactive Targeted Reach

Target your best group of consumers who can consume your brand on daily basis cross borders. 


Flexible Engagement Plans

Select for a number of flexible options the best listing plan suitable to your growth objectives and aspirations. 

We are your brand advocate

How it works?

This seamless process is designed to capture and engage your perfect customer every day.

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List your Brand/Products as a Benefit


Benefit Listing Process



Get selected as a qualified Benefit Provider. 



Choose the subscription Plan most suitable to you.



Promote your Brand to relevant corporate customers.


Get Customer Benefit Claims

Benefit Claiming Process



User Receives the Regular Engagement Newsletter.



Users and their families visit their Company's Benefits Platfrom.



Users Claim their Discounts in the way you desire.

Sell right

We know your consumer

We target your best clients. 

+971 5099XXXXX

+971 40923XXX

46 Years Old

Bill Green

Managing Director

Interested in

your Products...



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We help Benefit Vendors achieve measurable results

Scalable Subscription Plans

We understand that every Benefit Provider's needs are different. Our scalable subscription plans aid your growth to nurture your brand. 

The best way to start


A pay-as-you-go subscription plan suitable for Start-Ups and SMEs. 


Get 10 FREE complimentary Benefit Claims upon signing up.

Guaranteed brand exposure and Benefit Claims. 


Pay-as-you-go per Benefit Claim.

Fast approval workflow.


Powerful Self-Service Benefit Provider Onboarding Process.

Traction and Consumption Dashboard and Reports.

eBen - M - Website - ePN logo with Shadow.png
eBen - M - Website - ePN logo with Shadow.png
eBen - M - Website - ePN logo with Shadow.png

Customer Engagement Reinvented 

Bring agility to your Brand

You can join ePN to access a wide range of corporate consumers for your brand and expand your brand exposure quickly, support new markets, upgrade your existing presence, and tackle new marketplaces that differentiate you from your competitors. Get eBen experts to work closely with your team to guide you to the best way to present your products/services to corporate users.



User visits to the vendor Benefit Listing



Benefit Claims



Return on Investment



ePN -Unlimited


Dr. Joy pic.png

Dr. Joy Dental Clinic is one of Dubai’s premier dental facilities, serving multiple locations and international clientele.

The most Trusted Dental Clinic in the UAE trusted eBen to reach with their brand to thousands of patients across the country.

Benefit Vendors

Frequently Asked Questions

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