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One-Stop-Shop for the ePN Sales Team


Ensure that the Sales Prospector has a regular flow of Leads that they can use to generate relevant prospects for their SAMs.


A$ET Member

Process Details




Daily Activity

Stage: Evaluate
Who: A$ET Member


  1. Visit the Deal Information on the CRM.

  2. Make sure the Benefit Vendor P/S fits the category you are targeting.

  3. Visit their WS, IG, LI, YT, and FB pages to evaluate: Years in Business, number of followers, number of employees, and marketing presence.

  4. Understand their service locality—Country-wide, City, neighborhood, etc.

  5. Visit the LI page of the contact. Know their background, their position, nationality, and so on.

Stage: Contact
Who: A$ET Member


  1. Contact the Benefit Vendor and overcome the Gate Keepers. 

  2. Identify the Decision Maker at the Benefit Vendor site. 

  3. Get to the Decision Maker over the phone to present the Value of the ePN. 

Stage: Introduce
Who: A$ET Member


  1. Introduce the ePN Program to the Benefit Provider DM.

  2. Relate the ePN Value Proposition to the Benefit Provider DM.

  3. Agree to Setup a meeting between the DM and the SAM.

Stage: Meet
Who: A$ET Member


  1. Send a meeting request inviting the Benefit Vendor DM and the SAM. 

  2. Send a Conformation Email to the DM and CC the SAM. 

  3. Conform the Meeting with DM 1 hour before the meeting time. 

  4. Attend the first 5 minutes of the meeting to introduce the SAM to the Benefit Vendor DM. 

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