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One-Stop-Shop for the ePN Sales Team


Information about the eBen Partner Network.

🔗 Engagement Partner Network (ePN)

Share this web-page with potential Benefit Vendors to understand about the ePN Value Proposition

📑 ePN Introduction
Use this presentation slides to present ePN Value Proposition to Potential Benefit Vendors


🔗 ePN-Plus - Subscription Plan Details 
This is a link you can exchange with potential Benefit Vendors. It introduces eBen, the value ePN can bring to the Benefit Vendor and the ePN-Plus subscription plan details, the Plan T&C


📑 ePN Pricelist 2024 

🔗 ePN Metadata Report

🔗 ePN Create a Demo User
Share this link with Potential Benefit Vendors to explore the user experience on the eBC


🔗 Access ePN Demo
Access the eBC (eBeners instance) as a User. Use this link to demon the eBC user experience. 


🔗 ePN T&C
A public link that yuo can exchange with potential Benefit Vendors to reference the BV Admin users Terms and Conditions. 


🔗 Benefit Vendor FAQs about the ePN
Handel BV question and the best-practice answers to ensure success. 


🔗 Benefit Vendor Objections


ePN Case Studies
Useful Case Studies that you can share potential Benefit Vendors in the a similar category

📑 ePN Case Study
Car Services - AE


📑 ePN - Case Study - British School  - AE
 NEW    PUBLIC   (PDF)  

📑 ePN - Case Study - Training Centre - AE  

📑 ePN - Case Study - Mental Health - US  



🔗 Request a cust
omized ePN DEMO
Request a customized DEMO when you wish to demonestirate an eePN function or process to a sizable partner or large deals. 

🔗 Request for a Quotation

🔗 Request an Agreement and Invoice


🔗 Request an Invoice


🔗 Request a Payment Link


Email Templates
Useful email templates that you should use to formally communicate with external parties. You can copy the email subject and body and use it in your communications. 

📧 (ET-EPN-PLUS-SAM-001) Offering ePN-Plus to Benefit Vendor 1st Call Wrap-up
Send this email to BV DM after offering the ePN-Plus in a call

 INTERNAL   (Link)

📧 (ET-EPN-PLUS-SAM-010) Follow up on offer to get to a decision from the BV DM
Send this email to BV DM after offering the ePN-Plus in a call

   INTERNAL   (Link)


SAM Tutorials

ePN - Plus 

ePN - Unlimited 

ePN - Promote

Prospector Tutorials 


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